Application to work in Canada

Immigration to Canada

Necessary Conditions

It helps you to informed about the educational development in Canada and all opportunities as well.
The government of Canada has opened an opportunity for all the faculties like nurse engineering, developer, Doctor, IT, Hotel management and others. who have completed their bachelor are eligible to work in Canada. The jobs that are available in Canada never gets the advertisement like this publicly. So, there are many hidden jobs and a golden opportunity that you are getting. Don’t wait for the jobs to come and find you. You are getting an easy way to apply to work and study in Canada.
A temporary work permit may be the first step to have Canadian permanent residents through a skilled worker category.

Applicants must have completed their high school with no stars and a minimum 50% in average including English subject. The thing that is listed below is also included in their result sheet.
Applicants must have at least one year of work experience in their respective scopes. Aspirants who are qualified to apply can take part in an exam, containing full marks 100 and the one who got enough marks as required will be selected for immigration. Candidates also have to give a simple interview in the English language to check how confident they are. So, be prepared to talk without any hesitation and with confidence, as a result, you look impressive.
Prepared candidates have to submit a form (charges included) and appear in an Examination. The examination will be based on your IQ and the qualified aspirants among all will get the opportunity to work in Canada.


Eligibility to work

Applicants should provide some other documents as proof of their eligibility to work in Canada like,

  • Your birth certificate
  • Citizenship of your country
  • Passport
  • Confirmation of permanent residence in your country
  • Record of landing
  • Bank balance letter
  • Evidence to travel insurance, if applicable (example: a copy of your policy)
  • A valid work permit under the immigration that authorized you to engage in employment.

If you don’t provide consent on the general application form, your process will be a delay. The application should provide their documents as well as details in time so that it will be valid. In a Canadian educational institution, after completing a course many international graduates get a chance to stay in country on post-graduate work.

Applicants need to prepare for biometrics

Applicants should schedule an appointment for biometrics. Further enrolment is advised as well to consider the given points below before their appointment.

  1. At the time of your biometric appointment, your hand should be henna free. Thus, you can get a quality of fingerprint.
  2.  If the staff member is unable to get good quality prints, applicants may need to do the process again for their biometrics.
  3. Those applicants who have temporary injuries and bandages, cracks or cuts should wait until they recover to give quality prints.
  4. Applicants are not allowed to wear light colour clothes.
  5. Applicants should show their ear and forehead clearly to have quality pictures.
  6. Only the applicants are allowed to visit visa application Center, children less than 18 years old but a person who requires assistance are not allowed.

There are some other ways to submit visa applications:


 Read the complete information on this permit requirement on a website. you can download the details and other appropriate application forms. To know more about an application to get a job please visit here.


The application forms should fill out electrically and it should have printed on a white, nonwhite glossy paper through the lesser print.

And remember downloaded and handwritten forms will not be accepted.

The one who needs help while filling out the paper, the staff of the centre’s self-service work station will help them according to the applicant’s responses. If you fill out the form in the visa application Center, then you have to pay the charge.

Step 3:

The applicants should pay fee and biometric fee as per instruction to the government of Canada.

Step 4:

If you are not required to submit your biometrics, you can visit your local Canada visa application centre with your passport, photographs, fee and all other supporting documents.

If biometric fee covers the Canada visa application centre if you submit your biometrics. There is no additional charge included.


Visit Visa application centre with the completed and printed application forms and original passport on your appointment date. Biometric will be collected when you reach the visa application centre.

There are some other requirements are also needed

  •    Police Clearances

Application has to prove that you do not have any criminal records. You can do this by police certificate. You have to provide the police record of a country that you have lived longer than 6 months.

  • Medical Exam

Applicants should have a healthy life. To prove that you have good health and you may be required a medical examination but your usual doctor cannot perform your examination, it will have to be a panel physician.

  • Accompanied by your Partner

It requires the signed letter from the parent who is not travelling with them. It has to contain an address and phone number of parents not travelling and also photocopy and national identity card. If one parent has custody, they must bring a copy of the custody decree.


 The one who wants to study further can also get some economic help from the government if they face economic problems. And the employees will get handsome money per hour.

You can sponsor your relatives, including your spouse, partner, children or parents to immigrate with you if you got selected. You can immigrate by starting a business and creating new jobs or by providing care to the needy people. They can immigrate as a self-employed by evolving in cultural activities. They can immigrate as an industrial worker or as a farmer if you know about fertilizer and so on. For more information about Canada pleases Click here.

More basic Information About Canada

Basic facts about Canada

  • In Canada, if you get work permit it is always temporary but can be frequently expanded from inside in Canada.
  • If you get a job offer from a Canadian employer your work permit has to be with you.
  • In some situation, Canadian immigration rules and regulations authorized for open work permits.

a. Know about Canada

You have to know about Canada like government’s laws, you and your family’s duties, your rights as an employee and as a citizen, weather, human rights etc.


b. Important of French and English language

If you are going to Canada for either work or study, you have to improve your French language and English language skills.

c. Prepare for work

To immigrate to Canada, you can’t use a work permit. If you want to go to Canada as a permanent citizen, it is based on your IELTS score and work experience and working skills as well.

d.    IELTS is Require

IELTS is necessary for everyone who is applying for Canada for a working Visa. There is no possible way to get Canada working visa without passing the IELTS exam.

5. (CEC) Canadian Experience class

The Canadian Experience class for the foreign workers who want to become a permanent resident of Canada. Many foreign workers have already settled in Canada and established strong networks and communications in Canadian society as a result they already build their carrier. Express Entry Selection System is a system where CEC(Canadian Experience Class) applications are processed through. Before making an application, selected candidates have to create an Online Express Entry profile where they receive an invitation for application for permanent residence in Canada.

To apply for Job

You have to research all the company’s details where you want to work and check their website, pages for jobs they posted and contact and discuss for a job. Ask your neighbours and family, friends about the job because there are so many jobs that are not advertised in Canada.

It is necessary that you must be in Canada with a Social Insurance Number(SIN) card to apply for a job in Canada.

1. Looking for a job in Canada

There are many students who have complete their study in many fields and looking for a job in Canada. Which is the best and fast way to grow your carrier in your field in Canada? But it’s all are starts with when Canadian employer offers you a job, you will be temporary employment if Canadian company offered you, many foreign professional employees who went to Canada for further work on work permits can have certified eventually as Canadian fast way immigration through one of the provincial Nominee programs, the Canadian experience class or arrange employment.

2. f you have already found a genuine job in Canada

If you have already found the right job in Canada or received a job offer from a Canadian company, you and your company will oblige with required documents and certificate for the process and you can start your work.

3. You need help to find a job in Canada

You need help to find a job, to find a genuine, legal job in Canada is important extremely important to you if you are recently thinking about to immigration in Canada or even you are in Canadian immigration processing.

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