Canada Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency

Canada Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency: 2020

As many of you are aware that Canada is the most popular and developed country in the world. Canada is also economical strong and healthy country while comparing with other countries. As being a friendly country, Canada welcomes the massive number of a foreigner to work in Canada providing job opportunities to them. Meanwhile, most of people have dreams of working in Canada as they provide huge employment opportunities. Furthermore, Canada also provides various sorts of facilities to the foreign employee like economic freedom, health facilities, and attractive salary. There is a huge role of the department in shortening the distance between the foreign employee and the Canadian employer. The department is named as a recruitment agency. Have you ever heard about the recruitment agency? Do you know how it helps the foreign employee and the Canadian employer?

It’s become difficult for an employer to hire a qualified and right foreign candidate for an organization who will fit into the vacant position.  Same goes for foreign candidates as they also get trouble finding a job as per their skills and qualification in a reputed organization. Moreover, Canada has the biggest cities like Toronto, Montreal Vancouver which has the top best industries providing various employment opportunities. Because of that reason foreign job seeker always gets confused regarding selecting the best company which matches with their skills and qualification. In this situation, a Canadian recruitment agency plays a major role in fulfilling the demands of the Canadian employer and foreign candidate.

Let’s get some simple concept about recruitment. Recruitment is the way of finding the excellent candidates for the specific post within or outside of an organization. A Canadian recruitment agency is a department which connects the foreign job seeker with an employer who is seeking an employee for their organization. Canadian recruitment acts like a bridge where Canadian employer is in one end and foreign job seeker at another end.


How do recruitment agencies in Canada operate?

Foreign candidate suffers a lot in finding a job in Canada as they don’t have an idea about the Canadian industry. At some point in the career path, they require pusher or guider to make the right choice in selecting an organization to work with.  Therefore, the Canadian recruitment agency put them in the right post and in the reputed organization according to their career background. Mainly, a Canadian recruitment agency works for the Canadian employer. Most of the Canadian employer contact with the Canadian recruitment agency so that they can appoint the new foreign employee. Canadian employer provides the bunch of information about what types of foreign employee they are searching for including job description. 

Now, the Canadian recruitment agency starts to work by the following different steps:

  • Canadian recruitment agency starts to analyze the latest structured information they had to search qualified foreign candidate as per job description.
  • They research finely and go through screening the foreign candidate who is seeking a job to find out diligent foreign candidates.
  • Sometime department might not get the matching foreign employee then they will often go for the other alternatives and sources.
  • Canadian recruitment agency posts the required job or position in the online to get a worthy foreign candidate for a vacant post.

Finally, the Canadian recruitment agency succeeds in finding the perfect matching candidates for the Canadian employer.  Now, the Canadian recruitment agency is responsible to send foreign job seeker to the organization for further process and approval. Canadian recruitment agency also plays a greater role in arranging job interviews between the Canadian employer and foreign candidate. Canadian recruitment agency also provides application letter and curriculum vitae of the foreign applicant to Canadian employer to facilitate the selection. The main target of the job interview is to further examine the fitness of foreign applicant as per job description and for selection.

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What are the advantages of the Canadian recruitment agency?

 There are so many top best industries in the different cities of Canada. Meanwhile, they have competition between the organizations in regard to providing services, development and so on. They need excellent staff and employee to grow their company. Every industry tries to employ the best intelligence and unique candidates to perform and grow in a unique way. When it comes to hiring a foreign worker, it is difficult to distinguish the right candidate among the crowd. So, many organizations take help from the Canadian recruitment agency to select the best foreign candidate for the organization.  On the other side, foreign candidates are also in dilemma in regard to applying the organization for the job. After connecting with the Canadian recruitment agency, the Canadian employer gets so many benefits from the Canadian recruitment agency.

The table below reflects the advantages of a Canadian recruitment agency to the Canadian employer as well as the foreign employee.

Canadian employer

Foreign employee

Canadian recruitment agency gives support to the hiring manager to hire the best human resources for their organization.

Canadian recruitment agency provides information about the industries or organization of the Canada and market condition to the foreign employee.

They aid in identifying and analyzing the excellent foreign candidate for their organization.

They help the foreign employee to find the organization where their role is suited as per their skills, qualification and abilities.

They find out the foreign candidate whose skills, qualification and abilities satisfy the needs of the job description of the organization.

They give job opportunities to the foreign candidate by comparing their skills and qualities with the job description of the organization.

They help to save the valuable time of the Canadian employer by finding the talent and qualified foreign employee for them.

They help to save the time of foreign job seeker by selecting a company in which an individual can engage in their career development.

They also arrange and set the interview dates for the Canadian employer for the further selection process.

They provide knowledge to a foreign candidate about the interview and gives interview coaching to prepare them for an interview with the purpose of selection.

They also provide important information about the foreign employee like curriculum vitae for ease decision making and selection for a Canadian employer.

They also give advice to the foreign employer in writing cover letter and curriculum vitae to make the perfect impression towards the hiring manager.

They also help in the growth, development and innovation of the organization.

They reflect the foreign candidate weak point and strongpoint by giving feedback from each interview.


How do Canadian recruitment agencies find candidates?

The Canadian recruitment agencies have employers who work in the recruitment department in finding qualified foreign candidates for the Canadian employer. The employer of the Canadian recruitment agency is known as the recruiter. In the Canadian recruitment agencies there are usually two types of the recruiters one is the agency recruiter and other is an internal recruiter. The main difference between them is agency recruiter works for multiple organizations whereas internal recruiter works for only one organization. They both help the Canadian employer in finding the qualified foreign staff for the smooth running of the organization. Recruiter expertise uses certain techniques and methods to find out talented foreign job seeker as per the needs of an organization. Foreign candidate needs to understand about techniques they use to connect with Canadian recruiter and get a role as fast as possible.

There are lots of methods and technique that the Canadian recruitment agency applies to source and connect with foreign candidates. Some of the technique and methods are listed and explained below:

  1. Database

The database is the most essential step that provides information about the foreign candidate to the Canadian recruitment agency. In this first step, a Canadian recruitment agency engages to contact with the foreign candidates or vice versa. Then the Canadian recruitment agency told the foreign candidate to send their curriculum vitae. Each foreign employee curriculum vitae is then joined to the system called CRM. CRM system is the system which proceeds in matching job vacancy with the career details of a foreign job seeker. A foreign candidate is not fully dependent in a recruitment agency as they involve in a searching job in other organization as well. Unfortunately, a foreign candidate might engage in another organization to work when Canadian recruitment agency contacts the foreign candidate for a vacant position.


  1. Career websites or job boards

In this technique, a Canadian recruitment agency develops website or job board where they place a job vacancy with a required post. The website asks the foreign candidate to update their resume or curriculum vitae in their websites. Career websites hold a massive number of resumes that contain various careers, experiences level and so on. They match foreign candidates’ career qualification, experiences and ability with the vacant role and position in a certain organization. A foreign job seeker needs to put the relevant keywords while developing their curriculum vitae to match the role and required position.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most important technique where a foreign candidate has to make a LinkedIn profile to connect with a Canadian recruitment agency. After developing a LinkedIn profile, foreign candidates attach their work history, job title, colleges and their skills in their LinkedIn profile. If you want a job as fast as possible then you need to use keyword. Use keyword which has high chances of being searched that keyword by the Canadian recruitment agency. Canadian recruitment agency finds qualified foreign candidates on LinkedIn by searching with using keywords. If they found the foreign candidates which satisfy their job requirement then they contact with them and continue the further process.

  1. Job Networking

Job networking is important methods used by Canadian recruitment agency where they have face to face interaction with foreign candidates. The main goal of these techniques is to maintain a good relationship between the Canadian recruitment agency and foreign job seeker. There are some jobs networking events like conferences, job fairs where both Canadian recruitment agency and foreign candidate involved. Canadian recruitment agency gets the opportunities to impress the foreign job seeker with their industry. They try to find a foreign candidate who is the best and likely to engage for future hiring purposes. The foreign job seeker also attends job networking events for good interaction with the Canadian recruitment agency. The foreign job seeker also needs to take their curriculum vitae with them.


  1. Social media

Social media is one option which is used by the Canadian recruitment agency to sources the right candidate for the right position. There is the major role of social media like Twitter and Facebook which aids in finding qualified foreign candidates. Canadian recruitment agency gets opportunities to source foreign candidate for the required position with the help of social media targeted ads.

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Best Recruitment Agencies in Canada Recruiting Foreign Workers

There are lots of Canadian recruitment agencies who are hiring the qualified foreign candidate for the Canadian employer. Some of the Canadian recruitment agencies are listed and explained below who are responsible for recruiting the foreign worker:

  1. Global Hire Placement Services

A global hire placement service is one of the best recruitment agencies in Canada who aims in recruiting the foreign candidate for the Canadian employer. It is located in the western part of Canada and established in 2006. They engage in searching for the experienced and qualified foreign candidate to satisfy the needs of the culture of the Canadian organization. They engage in hiring a foreign worker from different countries like the Philippines, India, Eastern Europe, Mexico, U.A.E, Indonesia, SriLanka and so on.


The following are some of the job category recruiting by the global hire placement services:

  • Hiring cooks, manager, supervisor for the food industries
  • Electrician, construction worker, architect, a civil engineer for the construction industry
  • Caregiver for the home care industry
  • Guest service representative, customer service agent, events customer manager, guest service manager, guest service coordinator for the Customer Service and Hospitality industry
  • Driver and supervisor for the trucking services industry
  • Nurses, doctors, a lab technician for the health care industry
  • Manufacturing Specialist, Machine Operator, Packaging Operator for the Manufacturing industry
  • Foreign worker for Welding and Industrial Services
  • Farmer, Agricultural engineer, manager, specialist for the agriculture industry
  • Concrete Finishers, Painters, Carpenters for General Labour, & Trades industry
  • Foreign worker for Hair Salons
  1. Hays Recruitment agency

A hay recruitment agency is one of the top Canadian recruitment agency which helps Canadian employer to find the best foreign worker. Hays recruitment has various offices across the different part of Canada like Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

The list below represents the job category recruiting by the hays recruitment Canada:


  • Financial Analyst, finance leader, financial advisor, finance and accounting manager for the Accounting & Finance industry
  • Bank assistant, bank manager, bank analyst financial director for the Banking & Financial Services industry
  • Design manager, project manager, construction manager, supervisor for the Construction & Property industry
  • Human resources manager, recruiter, generalist, coordination, technician, director for the Human Resources industry
  • Developer, programmer, IT project manager, senior software engineer, a technical support specialist for the Information Technology industry
  • Welders, mechanics, millwrights and electricians for the Manufacturing industry
  • Administrative assistance, office clerk, receptionist, office manager, a legal assistant for the Office Professionals industry
  • Labourer, quality control technician, diver, mine labourer, well tester for the Resources & Mining
  • Marketing manager, sales associate, advertising coordinator, social network director, product manager for the Sales & Marketing

3.       Petro Staff International

Petro staff international is one of the Canadian recruitment agencies which recruit the foreign worker in the oil and gas industry.

Petro staff international is a recruitment agency which is located in Calgary. There are huge petroleum and natural gas industry in Canada and high demands of human resources to run that industry. The main purpose of petro staff recruitment agency is to fulfil the demands of human resources in the Canadian oil and gas industry. The following are some of the job category recruiting by the petro staff international:

  • Gas plant operator
  • Petroleum driver
  • Health and safety officer
  • Technical field advisor
  • Clinic administrator
  • Refinery operator
  • Operational field coordinator
  • Oil and petroleum field inspector


  1. Canadian Staffing Consultants

Canadian staffing consultant is the recruitment agency servicing the skilled foreign worker to the small and large organization. The office headquarters of the Canadian staffing consultant is in Markham. Canadian staffing recruitment agency covers a wide range of industry and engages in providing them skilled, highly-efficient, and qualified foreign worker.

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The list below reflects the job category recruiting by the Canadian staffing consultant:

  • Accountant, financial analyst, account payable, business analyst, bookkeeper for the finance and accounting industry
  • Office manager, data entry clerk, data entry specialist, office assistance, office administrator, office coordinator for the administration industry
  • Technical support, senior software engineer, software developer, network administrator for the IT (Information Technology) industry
  • Project manager, project coordinator for the construction industry
  • Human resources
  • General labour
  • Customer services
  1. Planet4iT Recruitment Agency

Planet4iT Recruitment Agency is the agency responsible to find talented and qualified foreign worker who is in the information technology field. It helps the Canadian employer to get the foreign job seeker who is good assets for the organization. It is located in Toronto which was introduced in 2000. The following are the list which reflects the job category recruiting by the Planet4iT Recruitment Agency:

  • Senior system analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Senior android developer
  • Software engineer
  • Intermediate Support specialist
  • Machine learning engineer

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