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Highly Demand Truck Driver Job In Canada

Canada is the second-largest countries in the world which lie in the northern part of North America. It is one of the famous and peaceful countries which facilitates individual with civil liberties, quality education, quality of life, economic freedom and so on. Canada is the developed country as well as the richest one in comparison to the other country. The economy market of Canada is highly developed which is one of the reasons for being the richest countries in the world. They use the various natural resources for the economic development of Canada. They also need different types of human resources for the economic growth and development of Canada. The following table shows the types of human resources they required for the continuity of the growth and development of Canada:


Skilled human resources

Semi-skilled human resources

Unskilled human resources





Security guard

Fast food worker


Service person, Salesperson

Line operator


Housekeeping, laundry operator 



Waiter/ waitress, flight attendant



Telephone solicitor

Sewing machine operator


Office clerk



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 Truck driver job in Canada is also one of the semiskilled human resources which have a high demand in the economic development of Canada. There so are many companies and organization like trucking companies, Infrastructure Company, agriculture industries who need the truck driver for the transportation of the goods from one place to another. According to recent research, about 3000 truck driver is demanding by the company in Canada. They are offering truck driver job in Canada not only for the Canadian citizen but also for the immigrant who wants to work in Canada as a truck driver. Canadian government welcomes the foreigner to work as the truck driver to maintain the gap created by the coronavirus in the Canadian labour market.

What are the qualification and skills required for the truck driver to apply for a job in Canada?

Truck driver job in Canada is the occupation where an individual is responsible to drive the truck for transportation purposes. The truck driver usually engages in the truck driving profession for their day to day expenses and for living. Truck driver job in Canada is the job where there is the involvement of the semiskilled worker who is engaged in transporting finished products and raw materials over land. They work hard to contribute necessary services to the various industrialized communities of Canada such as manufacturing plants, distribution centres and retail. A truck driver is not a good career for the future however it is a comfortable way to work and stress-free work. Only a truck driving license is not enough qualification to be a truck driver. To work in Canada as a truck driver, they require fulfilling certain necessary qualification and skills. The following are the qualification required to get a truck driver job in Canada:

  • First and foremost qualification the truck driver need is valid commercial driving license
  • If you are driving straight-body trucks then you need Class 3 or D license
  • If you are driving long combination vehicles then you need Class 1 or A license
  • Truck driver age must be at least 21 years old
  • The truck driver should have completed secondary school
  • If you are new to the job then you need to get job training
  • You need to join the vocational school or community college up to 3 months duration for the completion of the driver training course.
  • If you are planning to transport hazardous products or dangerous goods then the truck driver must have a Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) certification
  • Truck driver must have a knowledge about the Air brake endorsement if they are driving a truck equipped with air brakes
  • If you are planning to drive articulated trucks then you need Additional licensing endorsement or certification
  • A truck driver should have a proven driving experience
  • Truck driver must have a knowledge about the electronic equipment and software (GPS, AVL units, CB etc)
  • The truck driver should have experience in assessing their truck for problem-related to the safe operation and mechanical items.
  • A truck driver should follow the truck driving rules and regulations and should have enough knowledge about the truck driving rules and regulations.
  • They must not have a driving violations history
  • They should have the ability to travel continuously or regularly and the ability to drive long hours
  • They must have the patience to manage unexpected situations like weather conditions, traffic and so on.
  • They need to provide a clean and acceptable driving record.
  • They need to pass drug and alcohol test.
  • They need to provide a medical certificate.

The qualification is very crucial for every worker to be qualified for an interesting position or job. Meanwhile, they also need additional skills to run your profession smoothly and effectively. Truck driver job in Canada also requires certain skills to make a great contribution to the various industrial societies

The following are some of the important skills that are required to be a truck driver in Canada:



Excellent communication

Excellent communication with the customer during delivery or pick up goods or products.


Responsible to transport goods or products towards the customer

Good navigation

Able to navigate and able read maps to reach the destination


Focus on the road and be safe to avoid the mishaps and road accident


Need to organize the working hours and another important element in the trucking industry to run your role smoothly


Helps to work productively and helps in greater accomplishment

Mechanical skills

Helps to verify the problem of the truck and able to deal with a mechanical issue

Problem-solving skills

Helps to deal with the problem that is developed with the customer


What are the responsibilities needed for the truck driver to apply for a job in Canada?

Truck driver job in Canada has more role and responsibility rather than driving a truck down to the road. Truck driver job in Canada seems to be easy or flexible but they have lots of responsibilities on it. They are mainly responsible for the transportation of the material and goods between the manufacture, distribution and retail centres. Some of the other role and responsibilities of the truck driver job in Canada are listed below:

  • They are responsible to transport the raw material and goods to and from the manufacturing plants or retail and distribution centres
  • They need to drive long distances to deliver goods to customers.
  • They are responsible to follow traffic rules and regulation while driving a truck.
  • They should load and unload cargo and need to keep the record of cargo deliveries.
  • They need to assess the problem of the truck and record and inform the problems.
  • They need to follow road accident procedures and report road accident to the dispatcher.
  • They need to clean the truck and fill the fuel in the truck.
  • They need to assess safety issues and mechanical equipment and manage the issue with preventative maintenance.
  • They need to navigate the destination by planning the routes and fulfil the delivery schedules in time.
  • They can use the GPS system to plan the route while delivering the goods to the customer.
  • They need to prepare the document where you should include the working hour, resting period, driving kilometre and the fuel
  • They need to collect and understand the delivery instructions
  • They need to understand the policies and procedures of the company.
  • They need to make a report to maintenance personnel about the mechanical issues and problems for the maintenance.
  • They also need to report violation along with the accidents and defects.
  • They need to value the time and delivery good to the customer on time.
  • They need to maintain a good interpersonal relationship with the customer
  • They need to be polite and should maintain a positive attitude with customers.
  • They need to update the validity date of the commercial driving license.

How to migrate to Canada for the Truck Driver job in Canada?

Canada is one of the multicultural and ethnically diverse countries which permit the foreigner to work in Canada. Canada uses two types of languages one is English and another is French. So the foreigner attracted towards Canada as they are comfortable to use the English languages. Canada also provides various job opportunities for the foreign candidate. They welcome them if they are interested to work in Canada. Foreigners eagerly want to do the job in Canada because of the attractive salary, benefit to the employer and so on. Many foreign candidates visit Canada to work as the truck driver.  The individual can immigrant to Canada as a truck driver by the following ways:


  1. A temporary foreign worker program
  • The temporary foreign worker program is the program which is organized by the government of Canada
  • Temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) allows the Canadian employer to hire a foreign worker.
  • They give job opportunities to the high skilled, semiskilled and unskilled foreign worker to work in Canada.
  • Through this program, a foreigner can get a truck driver job in Canada.
  • As there is a high demand for the truck driver, there is no need for the labour market impact assessment.
  • A foreigner can get a truck driver job in Canada more easily and quickly.
  • You can also apply for the permanent residency after the 6 months of full-time work.
  1. Provincial nominee program
  • Provincial nominee program is the program organized for the foreign candidates who want to work in Canada by the utilization of their skills, education and job experience.
  • Local provinces are responsible to nominate the immigrant who wants a truck driver job in Canada in that particular province of Canada.
  • So you have to apply for the nomination in the province where you want to work and live as a truck driver.
  • In this program, a foreign candidate can get a chance to become the permanent residence of Canada.

If You Leggaly Apply for Job In Canada

  1.  Rural and northerly Immigration Canadian program
  • The rural and northerly immigration Canadian program is the newly launched policy with the aim of economic development of the smaller Canadian communities.
  • The main goal of this program is to hire the skilled and semiskilled foreign worker for the welfare of this smaller rural province.
  • Foreign candidate can apply for these positions if they want a truck driver job in Canada.
  • Then later you can be able to become a permanent resident of the particular community.
  • The rural city of the Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta are involved in providing job to the individual as a truck driver in Canada.


  1. Atlantic immigration pilot
  • Atlantic immigration pilot is one of the immigration programs which gives permission to the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada to hire a foreign candidate who wants to work in Canada.
  • They provide you with a valid job offers to immigrant to Canada for the job.
  • You need to apply for the Atlantic immigration program and you must fulfil the criteria to work in Canada as a truck driver.
  • The following are the criteria you must fulfil if you want a truck driver job in Canada:
  • At least 1-year full-time job experience as a truck driver within 3 years duration period.
  • Confirmed language proficiency tests
  • Secondary school education
  • Evidence of settlement funds
  • Full-time permanent job offer letter


How much Salary provided by Canada for the truck driver?

Salary is very important for the individual as they have to fulfil their basic day to day needs through it. It is also one of the external motivations which motivate and inspired individual to work productively and effectively. Canada provides the salary to the truck driver which is quite satisfied for them. According to the research, Canada provides $25.49 per hour and $49,703 per year average salary to the truck driver. According to the different region of Canada, the Salary of the truck driver makes a difference. The following are average salary provided to the truck driver according to the region of Canada:


Average Salary per month

Average Salary per year




British Columbia















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