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Description About Canada PNP

If you are skilled enough and planning to settle in Canada through Canada PNP then we are here with the article. It is beneficial for the applicants applying through Canada PNP. This is a scheme created for immigrants who want to tuck in and work in Canada.

Canada has been providing this program for the talented candidate. They should meet the requirements of the related province or region. The program permits the Canadian provinces or areas to recommend the qualified candidates. In order to get an opportunity through Canada PNP, you have to fulfil the criteria for the development of the province or region.

These Canadian provinces and regions have their own nomination program. And they select the candidates who are competent enough to perform the task. The candidates are nominated in order to contribute to the economic development of the particular province. For this, the applicants must have the ability to fulfil the given criteria so that the province could nominate the respected applicant for Canada PNP.

It is the fastest-growing economic Canadian immigration pathway. Through which the candidates can get nominated. And also grows their career through the use of their skills, education and experience.

How to request for Canada PNP?

Since the final decision for Canada PNP is taken by the Canadian Federal Government you should request for it through a two-part process. Firstly, you need to apply for the province where you wish to settle. Secondly, after the approval from the related province, you can apply for the Canadian PNP.

Generally, there are two ways of applying Canada PNP:

  • Paper-based process
  • Entry Express process
  1. Paper-based process

Under this process, you should select the province you are interested in. Then apply directly for the nomination process. This process is also known as the non-express entry stream. You are required to fulfil the criteria provided by the concerned region. And if selected it is necessary to send a paper application requesting for a long-term stay to IRCC. Furthermore, your medical exam and police check are also required. This process takes a long time to receive PNP than the express entry process. It may take 1 to 2 years for approval.

Entry express process

Under this process, you can apply through two steps. Firstly, your job is to apply for the selected province directly. And if nominated after confirming capability you should format an Express entry profile. Or mark nominated if you already have a profile. Secondly, you need to create an Express Entry profile and send an Express of Interest (EOI) to the selected province. If it gets successful you will get Notification of Interest (NOI). After that, apply through the relevant express entry stream. Since this process is online it is quicker and may take 6 months to process.

You can go along with the following steps to register for Canada PNP:-

Identify your eligibility

If you wish to get Canada PNP then, first of all, it is necessary to find out your eligibility. There are various options provided by the provinces. You can select the right criteria made. Prepare yourself as a potential applicant. If you can fulfil the criteria prescribed by the related province. Moreover, you can read the job description. You can also check PNP Live Tracker and search for the available options.

Submit a PNP application

The next steps you should follow are complete and submit the claim. Fill the required instructions. Send the application to the requested area. After meeting the program you should provide the application.

Get your PNP Certificate

After applying you will receive an official Provincial Nomination Certificate. For this., you should hold the permission. You can’t take a step without a permit. It permits you to go for another step. This also let to fulfil other requirements.

Give away your permanent residence application

Finally, you should present your permanent residence application to the Government of Canada. Provide a long stay application for next step. You can apply through Express Entry if you were suggested through an Express Entry  PNP. Otherwise, you should provide a paper-based application to the government.

Provincial Nominee Program available in Canada

Canada has 11 provinces and territory that can select the applicant for Canada PNP. You can choose any province and territory if your skills and qualities match with the program. It is vital to meet the stream. This allows you to do a job in Canada. You can promote your career and stay there. These areas ha lots of job chances. So, if you can do the given work properly then you are freely registered.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

The Program directs their government to hire skilled, competent and qualified workers or business immigrants to move to Ontario. It works together with the government. The people from another country apply to shift there. They are required to satisfy the needs of the region. They recognize and pick the right candidate. The categories like Human Capital Priorities, French-speaking skilled worker and skilled business are offered by this program. So, if you present yourself as an applicant for PNP in Canada then you must meet these categories.

  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

This Program allows nominating qualified and reliable candidates. It is for those who are interested to live and work in Canada. This is the easiest region to migrate. It offers education facilities as well as a safe environment. Since the applying process is fast it has become the first choice of applicants. Province requires minimum of two years of experience. The program nominates the applicants who can categorize themselves under skills immigration and entrepreneur immigration. Furthermore, it divides the categories into subcategories as follows:-

  • Skills Immigration

-Skilled Worker Category

-Healthcare Professional Category

-International Graduate Category

-International Post- Graduate Category

-Entry Level and Semi-skilled Category

  • Entrepreneur Immigration

– Category

– Regional Pilot

-Strategic Project Category

  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

The  Nominee Program is the famous destinations for the immigrants. Alberta is the forth largest state by population. Where they can upgrade their career by utilizing their skills and experience. It also accepts the candidates having CRS score of 300+. The candidate must fill the job shortage. They should also be able to support their families. ANP also provides public education and health care facilities. The candidate require to have 3 years work experience. A selected applicant receives the Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate after the confirmation of the required skills. Normally, the AINP consists of the listed streams:

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Express Entry Stream
  • Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Known as the gateway to Western Canada, Manitoba is located between the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan. The state offers different programs to the applicants. And also immigrate the interested and potential candidates. It seeks the current graduates, business person and skilled worker to stay in Canada. Manitoba makes Through this program, one can get the opportunity to live in Canada after meeting the criteria provided by the province. The following are the streams or criteria given by the province:

-Skilled Worker

-Trained Worker Overseas

-Business Investor Stream

-Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

-International Education Stream

  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

This program provides opportunities to the potential candidates. For getting a job and residence in Canada the applicant needs to fulfil the targeted program of the state. Only then the applicants can get the Saskatchewan Immigration Program Certificate. They also need to score minimum of 60 points on the assessment grid. It is necessary to have one year of job history. With the development in the agricultural and mining industries, the province creates lots of opportunity to the employees. They also expand the opportunity in other sectors like education, health, engineering, etc.

  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The province of Nova Scotia is the second smallest region in Canada. It allows immigrants to work and settle in Nova Scotia. The applicants get the selection by overcoming the criteria of the zone. The candidate should be 21 to 55 years old. They also need to have a high school diploma and special training.  Furthermore, they do the selection for enhancing their career as well as get benefit from their service. This program offers the following streams for the interested candidates:-

-Nova Scotia Demand- Express Entry

– Skilled Worker Stream

-Occupation in Demand Stream

-Entrepreneur Stream

-Physician Stream

-International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

-Labor Market Priorities Stream

  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

It is the PNP program of Canada. The program allows numbers of skilled and expert workers to immigrate in Canada and build their career. You can download it from the state’s website. It is essential to earn an offer letter before applying. The job needs to be full time and permanent. The region is the cheapest one. Although the economy is not high you can get the job benefits. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program grants various opportunities and streams to the applicants so that they can nominate the related field. The streams are:-

-Express Entry Labor Market Stream

-Expertise Worker with Employer Support

-Entrepreneurial Stream

-Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

This area is popular as the birthplace of Canada as well as the smallest city. It welcomes the prospective applicants to immigrate there. Due to its culture, natural beauty and history the land is famous among the outsiders. Moreover, help them to get the benefit from the country. For this, the candidates need to meet the target offered by the province. They should have the interest to work with the team. PEI PNP Express Entry, Labor Impact Category and Business Impact Category are the streams of this program.

  • North West Territories Program (NTNP)

The state is located at the North West of Canada between Yukon and Nunavut. It is the program that nominates the expertise and talented workers for their province. This region establishes a safe and peaceful environment for newcomers. So, the employees need to attain the streams given by the province. They must have needed documents and enough fund support.

Able to speak in either English or French is a plus point. After the nomination of eligibility, the applicants can get the certificate. The certification permits them to enter Canada. The candidate can appeal for the permanent residence. They also provide the streams such as Entry level occupation stream, Business stream, qualified worker stream and Express entry skilled worker stream.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)

Similarly, the Newfoundland and Labrador are located with the connection of two landmasses. The province program gives the immigrant some certain streams. It should be met with the applicant’s skills and capabilities. They must have the ability to reach the programs of the land. The applicants get the certification when they are acceptable to meet the streams. The streams offered include:-

-Newfoundland and Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker

-International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

-Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

  • Yukon Nominee Program

Situated in the far North West of Canada the Yukon province is popular in its mining and tourism sector. Home of about 30,000 people allows the province to immigrate the foreigner talents. They immigrate to contribute to the improvement of their province. ‘The programs of this province includes Yukon Express Entry, Analytic Impact Worker, Business Nominee, Yukon Community Pilot and skilled worker streams.

 To apply for Canada PNP you should specify your interest and potentiality in the streams provided and move accordingly.

Canada PNP Immigration Benefit

Immigration to Canada includes many benefits. This can support you to promote your career. And also live a standard and healthy life. You can be a Canadian citizen. The main benefits of Canada Immigration include:

  • Employment Opportunities

Canada has been ranked in the third position for its business environment. It means there are lots of employment opportunities for skilled candidates. The flow of business industries let the employers to seek the potential candidates. Hence, if you wish to immigrate in Canada. Then you can get various platforms where you can flourish your skills and gain the job.

  • Increase Living standard

Companies established with the aim of providing opportunities. It grants jobs to the workers. Because of which they can upgrade their way of living. In fact, Staying in Canada can raise your quality of life. Among 200 countries, Canada is in 9th position for the high living standard. Therefore, you can change your lifestyle by working in Canada.

Health benefits

As we know health is the greatest wealth. Without a healthy life, we can’t perform properly. The medications in a foreign land. Working and staying in Canada offers health benefits as well. Due to which the employees should not have to worry about their medical expenses. You can have free health check-ups. This also encourages you to work effectively. If you are the citizen of Canada then it’s free of cost. Moreover, employees can get the benefit of health insurance.

Canadian Resume Format Here.

  • Safe and security

If you are looking to immigrate in Canada then you are in a safe place. Canada is safe to live. As strict rules have been developed by the government the state is concerned for the security of the citizens. Only the license holder can carry the gun in the state. Hence, you can stay safe there. It is a highly secure location to work and settle. Consequently,  Canada is the most peaceful country as per the economist in 2007.

  • Immigrant friendly

Canada has become a country with over 35 million foreigners. It attracts people from a foreign land with its pros. Mostly the students and job seekers migrate to Canada for their career growth. Moreover,  the welcoming nature of Canada helps foreigners to adopt a friendly environment. They also grab the chance to live with the diversified culture.

Conclusion about Canada PNP

In conclusion, we can brief that Canada PNP is the best chance for skilled and talented workers who are seeking to work and live in Canada. The applicants are  excuse to choose any of the provinces among the 11 provinces. They can select it as per the skills and the stream made by the province. Furthermore, they can brighten their future and make their family happy. Because of the benefits, you can have in Canada it is the perfect place to grow your career.

The business industries flourish with an increase in the economic condition of the country. As a result, opportunities are also opening their doors for the job hunters. Canada has become the first choice for students and employees. Due to which it equips a multi-culture environment. Where people from the world work together. Moreover, you can practice the culture of different religion and can promote your relation. Hence, if you are also interested to register yourself as the PNP certified your aim should satisfy criteria chosen by the district.

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