How To Get A Canadian Visa

How To Get A Canadian Visa

As you all know about Canada, Canada is one of the popular as well as the well developed European country in the world. Canada is one of the freedoms and friendly country as well. They respect and welcome the foreigner from different part of the world. Many people are thriving to come into Canada because of its popularity, developed nature and facilities provided by them. In some research, they show that about 310,000 people from the other countries came to Canada. There are various reasons for the individual to visit Canada. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • It has a safe environment
  • It launches great immigration programs
  • It facilitates free public schooling system for all residents
  • It gives job opportunities
  • It provides the freedom to everyone
  • It helps individual with economic opportunity
  • Public healthcare is free of cost
  • Top universities in the world
  • Permanent residence within 3 year
  • Canada welcomes your family too
  • Variety of Business opportunities for investors and new business owners
  • A beautiful and peaceful place to visit

People come to Canada because of work, study, holiday and some other reasons. Permission is required as a Canadian visa to enter Canada. Without a visa, they are not allowed to go to Canada. Visa is an official document that gives the authority to the foreigner to legally enter the other country. It is stamped or glued in the passport before going to other countries. The meaning of the VISA is Verified International Stay Approval or Virtual Important Stamp Authorization. The individual got chances to explore themselves in another culture but they have to pass certain criteria then legally able to get a visa for Canada. There are different types of visa which have their own roles in a certain condition. It also helps to analyze the total number of foreign enter their country for what purposes.

  1. What do you mean by Canada Visa?

Visa is the legal authority or document to visit Canada. Canada visa is the legal paper which gives permission to enter Canada for the foreigners. Non-Citizen of Canada or don’t have permanent residence prove is the one who needs the Canada visa.

Getting permission means you are allowed to enter Canada by meeting the requirements for entry. Canadian Consulate or Embassy of your country is responsible to examine you for your eligibility to go to Canada. In the Canadian border, they interview you to check your eligibility for their country. You must answer the question of Canadian Border Services Officer (BSO) questions. If you are able to satisfy them with your answer then they will welcome you in their country. Be honest and sincere while answering also answers correctly. They will reject your Canadian visa and return you from their country if any suspicious condition found. They are very sensitive regarding entering the foreigners in their country.

  1. Who requires a Canadian Visa?

Canadian visa is necessary for people for whom Canada is a destination. All countries citizen need a Canadian visa except a Canadian citizen as they have a permanent residence card. The following are the people who need a Canadian visa to visit Canada:

  • People from the other country except for Canada
  • People who don’t have permanent residence
  • Employer from a foreign country
  • People who came to visit
  • Visitor or tourist
  • Students
  • Individual who came to Canada for a business
  • For holiday


  1. What do you understand by Electronic Travel Authorization(eTA)?

Mainly, there are two options to go through Canada. Canadian visa and electronic travel authorization are the two choices of visa for people to visit Canada. They have a similar target to send the people in Canada by approving legally. An electronic travel authorization is a new method for entry for an individual who wants to travel to Canada by air. It is the method established by Canada to fulfil the requirement of the travellers. It is important for people who are from visa-exempt countries. If you have no idea about visa exempt countries then it is the countries which have people not belonging to Canadian citizen and permanent residence neither need a visa to visit Canada. People usually choose the electronic travel authorization method if they don’t need a visa to transit in Canada. It has also an expiry date which is until five years. No need to be happy if you get electronic travel authorization. They again take your test in the border and examine your identity, passport, document and so on. So be polite and honest toward them to make you eligible one in front of them. To make you more clear about Canadian visa and electronic travel authorization, the following are some of the differences between visa and electronic travel authorization:



It is an old method in comparison to eTA.

It is the new method in comparison to visa

It is the physical permission

It is the electronic permission

It has a complex and slow process

It is a simple and fast process

It takes more time than the eTA

It takes less time than the visa

The lists of the people who need the electronic travel authorization are as follows:

  • Visa-exempt foreigner
  • permanent residents of the united state
  • A citizen from other countries who wants to arrive in Canada by air instead of bus, board and train
  • People from a visa-exempt foreigner like student and worker
  • Dual citizens


  1. What are different varieties of Canada visa?

People have their own reason and circumstance for going to Canada like study, work, and business and so on. If you are also planning to go to Canada with some situation then you have to choose the visa according to your condition. You must determine the types of Canadian visa you need before applying for a Canadian visa.  Some of the categories of Canadian visa are as follows:

  1. Temporary Canadian visa
  • Visitor visas
  • Student visas
  • Work visas
  • Working holiday visa
  • Business Immigrant visas

a. Permanent Canada visas

b. Express Entry Program visas

  1. What is the Temporary Canada Visas?

Temporary Canada visa is defined as the visa that allows individual to stay in Canada for a limited period of time Canadian. It is benefitted for those who had planned to go to Canada for a short period of time. Temporary Canada visa is the best for people to study, work, holiday and travel and so on. Canadian Consulate or the Border Services Officers (BSO) usually examined the individual for its eligibility to enter Canada. The following are the varieties of temporary Canada visa:

  • Canada Tourist Visa
  • Canada Super Visa
  • Courtesy visa
  • Visa to give birth in Canada
  • Canada facilitation visa
  • Intending organ donor visa
  • Canada student visa
  • Working holiday visa
  • Diplomatic and official visa
  • Canada business visa
  • Canada temporary work visa
  • Temporary residence permit

The validity time of the Canadian temporary visa is depending on its types but on average it has up to 10 years validity date. The Canadian temporary visa will be got by the individual in 12 to 27 days after the application submission.

  1. What is the Canadian visitor visa?

Visitors are the individual who must have legal permission to enter Canada. Legal paper or document which makes foreigner eligible to enter or travel Canada is known as the visitor visa. Temporary resident visa is another name of a visitor visa. Except for the visa-exempt visitor, all of the non-Canadian or non-permanent residence citizen required a visitor visa. Mainly, they issue a visitor visa for the aim of leisure and tourism. A Canadian visitor visa allows an individual to stay for a certain limited period of time. Visitor visa holders are prohibited to work or engage in certain business activities in Canada. The following should be the purposes of an individual to visit Canada in the visitor visa:

  • Vacation or holiday
  • For temporary work
  • For study
  • For travel
  • To visit their family

There are two types of visitor visa and they are listed below:

  • Single entry visa
  • Multiple entry visa
  • The following information provides you with the dissimilarities between single entry and multiple entry visas:

    Single entry visa

    Multiple entry visa

    It is rarely used in comparison to multiple entry visas.

    It is frequently used in a comparison of single entry visa

    It gives permission to an individual to enter Canada for only one time.

    It gives permission to an individual to enter Canada multiple times until the validity of the visa.

    It is preferred by less number of foreigners as in a certain situation.

    It is preferred by most of the people while visiting Canada

    The validity date of the single entry visa is up to 6 months

    The validity date of multiple entry visas is up to 10 years.

    At a time, both the single as well as multiple entry visas have same expiry date up to 6 months.

    The following are the necessary document which must be needed to issue visitor visa:

    • A valid passport at least before 6 months of the expiry date
    • Document of your identity and prove that you belong to a certain country
    • A financial statement that you can afford all the expenses in Canada by yourself
    • If you need medical examination then go through Medical clearance certificate
    • An invitation letter is necessary if you are going to stay with someone like relatives.

    Visitor visa can be applied online or paper. After the submission of application, it takes about 27 days to issue a visitor visa.

    1. How do you define a Canadian student visa?

    In the world, Canada has the top best university in various fields. Many students from the other countries have the dream to study in Canada as they have produced productive employer every year. They provide various facilities to the foreign student which makes them easy to study in Canada. So individual require a Canadian student visa for the purpose of the study. A Canadian student visa is a visa necessary for foreign students who are planning to study in Canada. A Canadian student visa is another name of a Canadian study permit. A Canadian student visa is crucial for the student who needs to study greater than 6 months in Canada. The following are some of the reason for the individual to issue student Canadian visa:

    • To enrol in an educational institution
    • A student who want to study more than 6 months
    • To get good practical and educational knowledge from the Canadian college
    • To develop their professional and explore themselves in the new culture of the educational system

    Canada provides authority to International students to work while studying. They give permission to foreign student work about 20 hours when the college is off. The main target behind this is to give chance to the international students to afford their all expenses during the study period. The following are the list of the document needed for the application of the student Canadian visa:

    • Valid Passport
    • Evidence of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution
    • Evidence of Funds
    • Passport size photo
    • Medical Examination
    • Purpose Statement
    • Credit card
    • Police/criminal record certificate
    • The validity time of the student Canadian visa is about the length of your study program. You will be provided an extra 90 days to prepare to go back to your own country or to extend your validity date. The application for student Canadian visa can be filled in paper or online. You can get your Canadian student visa within 3-4 weeks as there are various application processes. It may delay if they need your extra documents or need to do your medical examination. The age is also important to factor for the students if they are planning to study Canada. Because of the difference in the protocol of the province, there are different criteria for the age which foreign student must meet to study in Canada. An international student must have a minimum of 18 years of age and maximum of 35 years of age. They will take the fees for student Canadian visa and application process.

      1. What do you mean by a Canadian work visa?

      Due to the lack of job opportunities, an individual is suffering day by day. Canada gives the chances to an international employer to work in Canada. They get opportunities to work in Canada as they require a Canadian work visa before going to Canada. Canadian Work visa has the power to entry foreign individual in Canada with purpose to work. Without work Canadian visa, they are not allowed to enter Canada. A Canadian work permit is another name of the Canadian work visa. The following are some of the people who need Canadian work visa:

      • Who want to employment in Canada
      • Who got a job offer from the Canadian employer
      • Non-Canadian citizen or non-permanent residences who want to work in Canada.

      Canadian work visa has categories into two types. They are

      • Open Canadian work visa
      • Employer specific Canadian work visa

      The following are some of the differences between an open and employer-specific Canadian work visa

      Open Canadian work visa

      Employer specific Canadian work visa

      It does not require a job offer

      It requires a job offer

      It has no employer specification

      It has employer specification

      It gives freedom to the individual to choose any sector they want to work in.

      It does not give freedom to the individual to choose the job.

      It is more flexible and comfortable than the employer-specific Canadian work visa

      It is less flexible and comfortable as they have to stick in the same job.

      It is further divided into two:

      ·         Unrestricted open Canadian work permit

      It provides freedom in choosing an occupation

      ·         Restricted open Canadian work permit

      It prohibited individual to choose an occupation

      It has no further division.

       The following are the document required for the processing the visa application:

      • Valid passport
      • Job offer letter
      • Photocopy of academic qualification
      • Photocopy of professional qualification
      • Experience letter if you have
      • Contract document if any
      • Police and criminal record
      • Medical examination record

      You can apply for a Canadian work visa through the paper or online. You will get the Canadian work visa after 15 days to a week. It may delay due to some problem. After getting a visa, you are able to work in Canada up to 4 years of duration.

      1. What is the Canadian permanent visa mean by?

      The meaning of the Canadian permanent visa is the visa that gives authority to an individual for the permanent settlement in Canada. It is also the process of giving permanent residence or authority to the foreign people to stay in Canada permanently. If an individual gets the Canadian permanent visa then he/she will get the facilities and merits that are same as the Canadian candidates will get from the government of Canada. The following are some of the facilities and services provided by the government if they got the Canadian permanent visa:

      • social benefits like health care facilities
      • study facilities
      • Economy services with lots of jobs.
      • medical and health care treatment for free of cost
      • Free high-quality education.
      • freedom
      • Social services
      • Social security benefits.

      There are some of the types of the Canadian permanent visa and they are listed below:

      • Family Class Immigration
      • International Adoption
      • Skilled Worker Class Immigration
      • Provincial Nomination
      • Quebec-Selected Immigration

      The documents needed for the Canadian permanent visa are as follows:

      • Identity document
      • The Medical Examination Confirmation.
      • Police or crime report
      • The photocopy of Passport
      •  Travel Document 
      •  The Proof of Work Experience
      • The Proof of Funds

      The time duration of getting the result of the visa application is about 6 months after submitting the visa application. The validity date of the Canadian permanent visa is up to five years and renews it after that.


      1. What is the definition of a working holiday visa?

      The visa needed for the people who went to Canada for travelling and want to do temporary employment foe the expenses is the definition of the Canadian working holiday visa. It is the temporary work permit that is provided for the foreign traveller to work. Mainly this kind of visa is provided to the young foreigner to travel and work at the same time. Australia has mostly used these types of program. From the 30 countries, foreigner used to visit Canada for the purposes of travel on their holiday and do some job to support their expenditure. One of the main countries is Australia from where huge numbers of people spend their holiday in Canada and work too.

      There are some of the documents requiring for the processing of the Canadian working holiday visa and they are listed below:

      • Passport
      • Port of Entry (POE) Letter.
      • Proof of funds.
      • Proof of health insurance.
      • Police or crime-related documents
      • Enough budget to buy a ticket
      • work permit application documents
      • Medical examination report

      You will have to wait up to 8-12 weeks after the submission of an application to get a Canadian working holiday visa. The validity date of the Canadian working holiday is about 12 to 24 months.

      1. What do you understand by business immigrant visa?

      Canadian business immigrant visa is one of the visas that allow the businessman from a foreign country to start a business in Canada without joining the Canada market. It is also called a business visa. The following are some of the people who need Canadian business immigrant visa:

      • People who want to start a business in Canada
      • To start a business with the collaborating another company
      • To attend some business meeting or conference

         They require the document like valid immigration documents, certificate of departure, passport, and medical report and so on to apply for the Canadian business immigrant visa. Your Canadian business immigrant visa will be ready up to 1 to 6 weeks after submission of application. Canadian business immigrant visa is expired after 9 to 10 months from the issuing date.

      1. What is mean by express entry program visa?

      The meaning of the express entry program visa is the visa given by the government of Canada for the skilled foreigner to an immigrant in Canada. These types of visa are the online government immigration system. They can get the permanent residence with their valuable skills and scoring in the express entry draw. These types of visa need 6 months of duration to get a visa. The following are the types of Canadian express entry visa:

      1. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

      In this program, Canada takes the people who are highly demanded in Canada. The lists of the occupation are as follows:

      • Plumbers
      • Carpenters
      • Aircraft Mechanics
      • Ironworkers
      • Crane Operators
      • Metalworker
      • Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics
      • Electricians
      • Steel metal and plate work fabricators
      • Machinists
      • Welder
      1. Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

      In this program, Canada takes the individual who had semi skill and low skilled people from other countries. The main aim of this program is to uplift the economy of Canada by the contribution of foreigner work. Individual uses their skills, knowledge and experience in the economic development of Canada. The following are the profession that Canada hires from another country:

      • A medical profession like doctor, nurse, counsellor, pharmacist and so on
      • IT professionals
      • truck drivers
      • farmworkers
      1. Canadian Experience Class

      In this program, students and a worker from the other countries have the opportunities to join and can get permanent resident status. Canada is benefitted as they got the proper skills and knowledge with them. Individual uses their work experience for the great contribution and to develop Canada. The government of Canada analyzes the skills and ability of foreign citizen and applies their skills and talent in the development of different aspects of Canada.

      1. What are the documents necessary for the Canada visa?

      The following things are required for the Canada visa:

      • Your passport
      • Appropriate Canada visa application form
      • Proof of paid Canada visa costs
      • Passport size photographs for Canada visa
      • Evidence of financial means
      • Evidence of financial support
      • Evidence that you come back to home country after the Canadian visa gets expires
      • Identity Documents and citizenship
      • Police or crime report
      • Medical examination report
      • Evidence of acceptance
      • purpose of your visit to Canada
      • support/invitation letter to Canada
      • Letter of explanation
      • Proof Visa fee paid by bank draft
      • Copy of academic certificate
      • Experiences letter if any
      1. What is the process of Canada Visa Application?

      The following are the process of visa application:

      1. Find out if you are eligible for a Canada visa
      • Before you plan to go to Canada, analyze your eligibility to get Canada visa
      • Give a test to evaluate your eligibility
      • Give the test according to your visa requirement
      • Then your test will be verified by the government of Canada


      1. Create your online account
      • It depends on your visa types whether you have to apply for a visa by online or in paper
      • They will send you the message to apply for a visa by in person or online
      • As there is advance development of technology, Canada visa is mainly applied by online
      • So an individual has to create an online account
      • The first option is to develop Government of Canada login
      • The second option is an online banking login
      • To pay Canada visa fees use your banking details
      1. Fill the application form
      • Complete the application form after you log in to your account.
      • reference code is needed to apply for the Canadian visa
      • After entering the reference code, a list of documents will appear for your Canadian visa application.
      • submit all the documentation that is asked in the form
      • after submitting the document then submit the application
      • this all process is done through online in the online system
      • it is one of the fast and easier ways in comparison of the paperwork

      d.      Pay the fees

      • Verified whether your necessary document has been submitted or not
      • After being sure, you see the payment page over your computer.
      • Pay the charge according to the types of your Canadian visa
      • After your payment, your application will be submitted
      • You will get your Canada visa within 4 days and take documents to the Canadian Embassy in your home country if you applied through paper

      e.      Processing of your Canadian Visa takes some time

      • For the processing of your visa application, the Embassy of Canada takes about two or more weeks.
      • The time required depends on the types of your visa
      • In between of processing, they may require more documents of yours
      • Also, ask you for your biometrics and for interview
      • For interview and biometric, you have to go Embassy
      • whatever methods you have used while applying for a visa, you have to go even if you had applied from online
      • take an appointment and give them whatever they have asked
      • they will notify you after the appointment so check your account timely


      f.        Submit your passport and processing fees

      • After the good news of your visa approval, the passport must be submitted to the embassy of Canada.
      • Mail your passport in the email address of the Canadian embassy of your home town
      • Don’t forget to pay the processing fee depending on your visa type
      • Pay with money or check
      • Also, pay for return envelope for your passport.
      • They will mail you by returning your passport including visa stamp on it


      g.       After a Successful Canadian Visa Application

      • Now, you are allowed to go to Canada
      • This is not the end as you have to face the officer in the point of entry
      • Be honest and show your documents and passport to the officer
      • Officer have some queries for you like why you are visiting Canada
      • Its depends upon them to enter you or not in Canada
      • If any suspicious found then you will be sent back to your home town
      • Suspicious like crime, not obeying rules

      8.       How long duration Does it Take to Get a Visa to Canada?

      There is variation in the time duration regarding the types of the Canadian visa. You will definitely get a notification in your account about getting the visa between two to four weeks. Don’t be worry it may take some extra time too. The duration may extend because of the extra requirement of a document, medical examination and so on.



      9.       How do you have to deal with cash to pay for Canada visa?

      There is the rule of paying the Canadian visa fee after getting a visa. You also have to pay the Canadian visa processing and biometrics fee.  Fees may differ in regard to Canadian visa types that you are applying for. In an overall view, an average fee of Canadian visa is about $CAN100-500. The average processing fee is about $20 to $50.

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