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Simple and effective interview thank you email 

Job meeting is the next method for an individual takes to improve their career. Individual take part in meeting many times during their life to get the job. Participating in job meeting is huge challenges for you. After attaining the meeting, you are responsible to write an interview thank you for an email.

Meanwhile, Individual has the fear of job interview and it’s normal. Your job meeting might not be that fine because you are expecting too much in the meeting. Your job meeting might not go well due to some problem such as fear of failure, family problem, health problem etc. Moreover, choose the effective thank you email after employment interview to enhance your chances of hiring for the post.

Many of you finish the meeting and sit calmly saying to yourself it’s over now. Most of you have no chances to impress the interviewer as you have already interviewed with the interviewer. These how your problem is. You do not know smart steps competitor takes to defect you to win job which is supposed to be yours. So, make the smart vision and goals to stop the competitor from taking your place in a vacant post.

I think many of you have no knowledge about the interview thank you for an email. Moreover, you might know but you don’t take thank you for an email as the importance. If you want to abandon many competitors which have the power to win the job then you should write thank-you for an email. Email is written by an applicant to the interviewer after the interview is named as an interview thanks you an email. Thanking through email plan was made to show candidates’ gratitude and thankfulness towards interview for giving them a chance for an interview.

The methods to write a simple and effective appreciation email after the interview 

1.      The topic for your thank you email

The topic is very necessary subjects in every aspect of your note or letter while emailing someone. So that, choose a perfect topic or subject line for your interview thank you for an email. You should put the matching subject line which the interviewer understand what the email is from and about. You are not allowed to write the long subject line instead make it short and effective to understand. Sample examples of the topic line in the interview thank you email are written below:

  • Thanks to you for your talk
  • Appreciate for your valuable time
  • Thanks to you (interviewer name)
  • Admire for your great suggestion
  • Thankful for yesterday

Half percentages of job seeker apply informal way to reflect their gratitude towards the employing director after the employment meeting. Utilization of the informal way is imperfect because this is a formal session where you are showing your gratitude to employing director, not your friends. Therefore, you are preferred to apply the professional way to thank the interviewer after the interview. Sample example of the topic line in an informal way is “Great to have an interview with you today”.

2.      Greet the interviewer in interview thank you email

After giving the subject line to your interview thank you for an email, start the thanks letter with the simple greeting. Salutation has a greater role in showing your thank you email more formal and professional. Greet the interviewer using short and simple words like ‘Hello’ or ‘Dear’. Only using hello and dear seems informal so along with them use their name or title post.  Avoid the informal word and state interviewer name who you have interviewed with. If you don’t know interviewer name then research interviewer name on the organization website. Also, check interviewer name twice and thrice for spelling mistake.

For example Hello (interviewer name or title)

                      Dear (interviewer name or title)

3.      Claim your appreciation towards interviewer in interview thank you email

Start your interview thank you email from giving your gratitude expression for the interviewer. You should be loyal, honest and sincere while thanking the interviewer to make the interviewer feel about your appreciation. Appreciate the interviewer through the email for contributing their time as well as consideration. Meanwhile, for the understandable interview question, suggestion, company information etc during the job interview. Don’t ever lose the attention of the interviewer by writing the unnecessary informal things in the letter. You are also responsible to mention your job title because they have interviewed candidates who are from different job position.  

For example: Thank you for your time to have talked with me about the accountant position yesterday.

4.      Reflect your interest in employment by restating your qualities in interview thank you email

Interested applicants only have the eagerness to do their best for the company in a certain position. State your interest in a position in your interview thank you for an email which helps the interviewer to understand that you are the right applicant for the organization. At the same time, mention your qualification, experiences and skills which make you perfect for employment. Your qualification should perfectly fit the employment title to express that you are made for this position. Make it short and relevant which interviewer prefers to check thoroughly.

1.      Encourage the employing director to take further selection steps in the thankful email

Ask the employing director to take selection steps before closing your appreciation letter. Inform the interviewer that you are available at any time if interviewer required any extra detail about your qualification. Contact the employing director time to time and make a follow-up phone call after this thank you for an email. End this section in the interview thank you email mentioning you are waiting for employing director call.

6.      Provide personal Contact detail in appreciation email

In the final step of the interview thanks you an email, list your personal contact detail. Don’t be lazy to state contact detail saying that you already give them details in resume and curriculum vitae. Listing your contact details makes the letter more formal, as well as an interviewer, understand that you are interested in the post. It also provides an ease to an interviewer as they don’t need to open your resume file to contact you for the hiring process. Contact details include your phone number and email address. Besides contact details also add your contact details like website links, Twitter and LinkedIn in the thank you email.

7.      Close the gratitude email

Now, it’s time to close the appreciation letter by thanking the interviewer in a formal way. End the interview thank you email with the word sincerely. Also, State your full name after the sincerely in the thank you email letter.

For instances:  Grateful for your details, thankful for your support, Respect for your view

Sample example of the simple and effective interview thank you email  


Thank you (employing director name)

Hello (interviewer name or title)

I am very thankful to you for giving your time in interviewing with me Sunday about (employment title) at (organization name). It was a comfortable as well as pleasure period for me to have a meeting with you. I was happy with having the talk with you about policy, other detail of the company and (job title).

I am interested as well as a passionate applicant in the marketing areas. My attribute and experiences in the marketing field are enough to match my eligibility with the (job title) position. I am eagerly waiting for your call on behalf to hear the positive result from you. I will list my contact information as well as email in this letter. You can call me anytime as I am free to provide you with my additional career and educational details. This extra detail will help you to take a further effective and exact employing decision.

Thankful to you for the calm and better talk


Your full name

Phone number

Email address

Your website, twitter


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