Airport Ramp Attendant In Canada

at Air Canada
Location Vancouver, Canada
Date Posted November 24, 2019
Category Others
Job Type Part-time


Airport Ramp Attendant In Canada

Today we are hiring airport ramp attendants. If you are interested in ramp attendant in Canada. We are seeking an airport ramp attendant. In making sure the flights run on time, a field ramp agent plays a crucial role. Loading and unloading baggage is simply one of the most duties of this position. during a short amount of your time, field ramp agents should keep records of shipped products, move the load to and from the craft, and document injury and mishandled Before the heavier-than-air craft is in a position to require off for its next flight, associate field ramp agent should clean the inside of the heavier-than-air craft, as well as the galleys, seats, windows, and waste disposal Maintaining the restrooms and restocking the craft is additionally a requirement of this associate field ramp agent drives significant instrumentality like air step units, baggage carts, de-icers, belt loaders and pushes back tugs. The numerous key tasks of this role are to direct aircraft to the gate and to back them up for take-off. Airport Ramp Attendant is part-time, location Wabush, Canada. Salary provided in 16$ dollar. Airport Ramp Attendant In Canada

Education: High School (Secondary) School Complete

Experience: Will train or same field little skills

Operation of weight

  • 25kg handling

Experience of Field

  • Tractors towing
  • Washing machines for trucks
  • Sprinklers de-icing
  • Doors of freight for aircraft

Feature Skills

-Unload, type and route wares and rider baggage
-Transport freight between craft and flying field warehouse
-Sort and load and wares cargo and rider baggage per directions
-Designation rider loading stairs and operate craft wares doors
-Marshall or tow craft to gate designation
-Ride and function supplies and equipment for ramp service.
-Wash and clean the passenger indoor craft and wash the aircraft.

Eligibility Criteria ;

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Medical Fine
  • Security Clearness

Include Job Responsibilities; 

  • Organize Ramp attendant teams
  • Responsible for composition craft refueling
  • Operate ground support instrumentality like tow motors to maneuver the craft
  • Minor particularization and improvement of craft
  • Coordinating with alternative departments as necessary
  • Shop duties as well as however not restricted to: improvement / sweeping the ground, crating engines for shipping, organizing the search, etc.
  • Other specified

About the Company or Air Canada

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