Looking For A Job In Canada After Lockdown

Looking For A Job In Canada After Lockdown

The entire world is in threat as the new types of disease outbreak world widely. Coronavirus is that disease which brought disaster in our life. It is also known as COVID-19. In the Wuhan, China, in December 2019, the coronavirus was found for the first time. After that, it begins to spread from the china to the different corner of the world becoming the biggest threat for the individual. In simple word, coronavirus is the respiratory virus which spread from one person to another through the droplets. The incubation period of the coronavirus is about average 5-6 days can be up to 14 days. The citizens of every country are suffering day by day and rapidly increase the number of infectious. Then every country decides the lockdown to reduce the case of coronavirus to control the case of the infection. A lockdown is security procedures where individual are need to remain in the same place to reduce the risk to themselves or to others. Lockdown is also known as shelter-in-place and stay-at-home. According to the recent updates, the case of coronavirus is about 16,644,067 and 656,550 people dead and about 10,232,050 are successfully recovered from this virus.

Canada is one of the countries which are massively harmed by the coronavirus. According to the latest research, the total case in Canada is about 114,597 where 8,901 dead and 99,860 are recovered from coronavirus. Due to the rising cases of the corona in Canada, lockdown measure was followed by them in March. The lockdown becomes worthy as they become successful to reduces the cases of coronavirus by limiting the social gathering. It has somehow controlled the spread of the virus from social distancing. Meanwhile, it also created huge problems in our day to day life. Each one of the Canadian citizens is affected by this lockdown directly or indirectly. The following are some of the impacts of the lockdown on the citizens of Canada:

  1. Loss of job (unemployment rate of 13.7%)
  2. Increase in suicidal risk
  3. Cancel or delay in surgeries like elective surgery
  4. The harmful impact on education like school suspended, students loss school year
  5. Mental health problem due to isolation, fear of corona, jobless,
  6. low-income families are mainly affected by the lockdown

Lockdown has made a great impact on every sector like political, environmental, social, educational, health economical and so on. Among them, the economic sector is highly damaged by the lockdown. The list below illustrates the economical impact in Canada by lockdown:

  1. agricultural sector
  2. cancellation of large events
  3. tourism sector
  4. business or all non-essential services business closed
  5. airline sector
  6. cancellation of festival events
  7. gaming and casino closed
  8. massive loss in stock market
  9. stopped the sports programs
  10. media sector
  11. arts sector
  12. insurance sector of health and travel

What types of job opportunities are available in Canada after the lockdown?

Everyone is tired because of lockdown as they are not allowed to meet friends, not allowed to go for a job, not allowed to go outside and so on. They have to stick inside the home and because of that, they are eagerness to get out of the home. Some are waiting for the ending time of the lockdown as they have no job and hardly managing their expenses like rent, food, and daily needs.  Finally, the lockdown has ended after the three months of interval and everyone is started to search for the job. However, it’s going to be difficult for each one who is searching for the job because of the high unemployment rate. There are fewer chances of getting a job because of high competition.

However, many sectors are offering a job after the lockdown as in part-time and full-time position. The following are some different economic sector that provides job opportunities to the individual after lockdown:

  1. Health care
  • The health care sector is one of the most important businesses as health is the wealth and most valuable for an individual.
  • Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, it has become demanding and provides job opportunities to the individual who is in the medical field.
  • Health care sector provides the essential facilities and service for the prevention and cures the symptoms of the coronavirus.
  • The services include the hospital, health centre, and pharmacy, manufacture medical equipment or drugs, provide medical insurance, or healthcare services to patients by employing the eligible healthcare
  • The table below shows the professional that gets the job in Canada after a lockdown in this health care sector:



Medical doctors

Diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries, counsel the patients on health

Nursing Professionals

Delivery quality nursing care to patients, counsel and support the patients on health


Supply necessary medicine to the patients with in the law


Diagnose cause of the injury and gives treatment through exercise, electrotherapy, manual therapy


Diagnose the disorder related to psychological, behavioural, emotional and gives treatment with therapy


Help patient to overcome mental, behavioural and emotional issues by using counselling methods


Diagnose and treat oral disease


Maintain the hygiene of the hospital area by cleaning


As the coronavirus outbreak, there are increase numbers of patients in the hospitals. They all work in the hospital as the first line worker. They all work in the team to facilitate their patient according to their needs and requirements. All are working extra hours with applying their personal protection equipment to care for the corona affected patient. They must use personal safety devices as they are at high risk because they have to care about corona positive patients.

  1. Essential retail
  • Essential retails is the sector which sales the goods to the customer in the smallest quantities but not engages in the resale of the products.
  • Essential retail supply the most important goods that are used in our day to day life.
  • Essential retails products are needed daily to the customer so it needs many workers to deliver their services to the customer.
  • So this industry provides job in Canada after lockdown to the individual.
  • Essential retail includes wholesale of food, pet stores, auto repair facilities, cleaning store, beverages and newspapers stores, Restaurants and other facilities, transportation and delivery services, Grocery stores, and gas stations.
  • People mainly visit the food store to make food in a home instead of going to a restaurant due to fear of coronavirus.
  • The following table shows the professional that has high chances to get a job in Canada after a lockdown in essential retail:




Assist customer and collect payment from the customer

Store manager

Manage and handle the store products

Store associate

Sell the product of the store to the customer


Select the goods to stuck the goods in the store

Marketing and Advertising manager

Advertise about the goods and stores location, facilities, a website to the customer to increase traffic

Visual merchandiser

Window shopper design that draws the attention of the customer towards the products


Maintain proper hygiene and clean the store

Inventory manager

Maintain detail records of the sold and unsold products in the store

Security guard

Protect the store products and helps the customer


Take orders from the customer and unpack, label and shelf goods from the store

Delivery Driver

Deliver and sells the goods to the customers


  1. Banking and finance
  • Banking and finance is a business that provides financial services to customers.
  • These sectors had also lain off during lockdown due to the corona whose financial market has been hugely affected.
  • Now they are hiring the financial experts and the other professional to uplift their financial conditions, financial support, secure financial future and savings.
  • The banking and financial services include Savings accounts, Business loans, provides debit and credit cards, Checking accounts, deposit services, mobile or online banking, personal loan and so on.
  • The table represents the banking and financial sector demanding the following job in Canada after lockdown:



Financial accountant

Analyze different factor of the business and handle the financial transaction


Account services to the customer like cashing checks, receiving deposits, loan payments, , issuing savings withdrawals, and recording night and mail deposits

Business analyst

Analyses the business methods and operations and evaluating the business model with technology

Loan officer

 Help customer practising for loans, evaluate the worthiness of the customer for a loan and recommend them different types of the loan according to their needs

 Financial Analyst

Maintain relation between people and businesses for investments with the help of the bonds, stock market, and other investments


Helps to maintain the hygiene of the bank to avoid coronavirus

Security guard

Safety to the bank and check the health status of the customer such as fever and sanitized the customers

  1. Online Technology and IT
  • Online technology is the company which enables the user to get any information and communication with the help of the World Wide Web like email, web browsers and so on.
  • The information technology sector is the organization establishes hardware, software and semiconductors types of equipment to facilitate the internet and online services to the customer.
  • As individuals are not allowed to come out because of lockdown so they are spending their time on the internet.
  • They use online technology and spare their time in both work and leisure.
  • Online technology plays a vital role during the corona outbreak as helps to maintain social distance.
  • Digital channels like mobile apps, Social media, websites, online ordering systems and video conferencing are mainly used by the individuals to chat with friends, to work from home, to order the household products and so on.
  • They help to limit the distance between the individuals.
  • They are giving a job in Canada after lockdown to the expertise to fulfil the demands of the customer and run the technology smoothly.
  • The table below illustrates professional who seek the job in Canada after a lockdown in the field of online technology and information technology:



Cyber Security Specialist

protect the security of computer systems and networks

Computer Technician

the setting, installing, maintaining and repairing computer hardware and software

Business Analyst

examine an organization to determine companies goals achievement

Data Scientist

Apply advanced programming skills to establish complex behavioural models using big data

Data Analyst

collection, analysis and interpretation of data to solve problems

Hardware Engineer


manufacture and installation of computer systems, circuit, servers, boards, chips, the testing of equipment

IT Manager

Maintain electronic networks and IT teams of organizations and fulfill information system requirements

IT Consultant

advise clients on plan, design and install information technology systems

Multimedia developer

design software and create multimedia applications by manipulating and generating animations, graphic text, images, video and sound


  1. Manufacturing
  • The meaning of manufacturing is the branch of industries which are responsible for fabrication, preparation and processing of products or goods from commodities and raw materials.
  • Canada has different varieties of manufacturing industries producing the necessary products and goods for daily uses like furniture or wood industry, food and beverage industry, machinery industry, petroleum industry, metal and mineral industry, Electrical Equipment Industry, Printing Industry, Publishing industry, and Allied Industry, Transportation Equipment Industry and so on.
  • The production includes sugar, paper, electronics, soap, iron and steel, copper smelting, aluminium, smelting, Foods, chemicals, textiles, machines, and equipment and so on.
  • Lockdown has shutdown all manufacture industries which increases the demands of the goods like toilet paper soap or hand sanitizer, Personal protective equipment (PPE) and other necessary medical supplies.
  • The need for those products increases the demands of worker for engaging in a job in Canada after a lockdown in the field manufacture industry.
  • The following are the employer who is hiring in the manufacturing industry for a job in Canada after lockdown:



Assembler and fabricators

Complete finished products with the help of the machines, tools, by using their hands and takes specific as well as important instructions and blueprints.


Set up, maintain, manage and operate the machines used for a manufacturing process


 Responsible to operate machines and equipment, and able to read blueprints and diagrams


Design the goods or products that are going to be manufactured and increase the quality of products by improving the manufacturing process

Buyer and purchasing manager

Buy and purchase the quality materials to manufacture goods

Production Manager

Manage the operating machines, manage and hire employer, handle the production problems

Marketing Manager

Managing the position and promotion of the goods and products that are manufactured and launch a marketing campaign

  • The industries which manufactured the health care supplies are demanding more qualitative worker to improve their performance after lockdown.
  • Due to the needs of consumer goods like foods, sanitizer, toilet paper and daily requirement, the manufacturing industry hire individual who are looking job in Canada after lockdown.
  1. Engineering and architecture
  • Engineering and Architecture is the process of dealing with the technological aspects and have an approach to plan, construction, and design and operate the building.
  • In some area of Canada like Ontario, there are needs of the construction.
  • Construction work related to healthcare, residential housing critical infrastructure transit had been stopped because of the coronavirus
  • Now after the lockdown, the construction workers need to be opened for the affordable housing
  • The affordable shelter is needed for the needy Canadian citizen who had highly hit by the coronavirus and lost their job.
  • The following are the professional option for individual who need a job in Canada after a lockdown in the field of engineering and architecture:



Structural engineering

analysis and design the built environment like equipment supports, buildings, towers, bridges, and walls


Plan and design factories, houses, office buildings, and other structures.

Architectural engineer

Verify design and plan the project and supervise, operate, maintain construction projects systems

Architectural internship

Convert the designs of engineers and architects into technical drawings by using software


  1. Customer service department
  • The customer service department is responsible for indirect interaction between a consumer and company and maintains their transaction.
  • Customer services increase the customer flows by ensuring buyer satisfaction and encouraging the customer to buy.
  • Coronavirus shut down all the companies so that they are introducing a new method to satisfy the customers.
  • In many aspects, customers services are playing a vital role by providing support to the customer and assisting them in cancellation orders and services.
  • The table below shows the job opportunities in customer services for the individual who are seeking a job in Canada after lockdown:



Customer Service Representative

Provide information to the customer about the product, service solutions, company news, discounts and sales, and other products related communications.

Customer Service Specialist

solve customer problems quickly and efficiently at their goods

Customer Service Supervisor


Guide the junior customer service representative, answer employee questions and handle conflicts.

Remote Customer Service Representative

Provide information about the products to the customer and work from home or a workspace

Customer Service Manager


Supervise the customer service teams, train new representatives and analyze their progress, handle any conflicts between customers or employees

Customer Support Representative


 Respond to customer questions, comments, and concerns about problems and solutions about products, engage in customer calls, social media messages, emails, texts, and live chat messages, focused on products

Customer Support Engineer


Works in troubleshooting technical troubles with the product or service, record customer data for the further improvement


  1. News and publishing
  • News is information about the current events provided by using many different media like printing, broadcasting, social media, and electronic communication.
  • Publishing is the process of issuing journal, books and other material that provides the latest information.
  • News and publishing means providing news of government, fashion, and entertainment, war, politics, education, the environment, economy, health, business, through the different medium
  • Coronavirus news should be updated by the individuals day by day and news must be preached to the individual’s doors
  • Individuals are getting latest updated news from the television, digital publications, social media newspapers and daily press briefings.
  • During this condition, digital news publishers have to give news 24 hourly to the individual for the update of coronavirus.
  • So they are giving job opportunities for the individual who are looking job in Canada after lockdown due to the demanding needs of the news about the coronavirus.
  • The following are the job option for the individual who needs a job in Canada after a lockdown in the field of news and publishing:



Copy Editors


Check the authors’ manuscripts for any grammatical mistakes and work in various fields of media such as a website.


Try to get press involvement in the publishing.

Marketing Professional

Advertise the important features of books and writers inappropriate way to  make the customer investment on them

Production Editors

Ensure about those manuscripts whether they are edited, designed, proofread, and printed or not

Sales Positions

Make the successful sale of books


  1. Public health and government
  • Public health and government is the role of government in preventing, promoting and prolonging the health of the individual citizens with the help of the social efforts.
  • They are responsible for supporting the citizen by providing healthcare services and education.
  • There is a high demand for public health services because of the coronavirus.
  • So they need the adequate worker to provide qualitative services to the Canadian citizens
  • The following are the public health sector jobs to the individuals who are searching for job in Canada after lockdown:



Public health worker and health educator

Gives knowledge to the individual in the community about the health issues to improve their overall health


Research the causes of disease and find out a pattern of diseases to reduce or eliminates its impact on health

Emergency management specialist

Plan and manage the disaster or emergency situations with the help of their trained team member

Dietitian and nutritionist

Recommend the diet according to the health issues of the individuals

Occupational health and safety specialist

Provide safety to the health workers by eliminating occupational hazards

Public health nurse

Use their skills to improve the community health and education them about the health issue


Study microorganism which causes infectious diseases to the community people 


  1. Agriculture sector
  • Food is one of the basic requirement of the individuals so they have to supply fresh foods to Canadian citizens.
  • An individual has to take healthy foods to increase their immune system which helps them to fight against corona.
  • So agriculture sector needs much more employer to fulfil the needs of each citizen and to maintain their health.
  • The table below shows the requirement of the employer in the agricultural sector:



Agricultural engineer

Design machinery, structures, and equipment improve processes, storage agriculture products

Agricultural food scientist

 Analyze food production, determine safe food for human consumption

Agricultural inspector

Ensure the working condition of the types of equipment, monitor facilities of the food production

Agricultural manager

Look for the development of crops, animals or other items that are going to the market for sale

Agricultural specialist

Maintain healthy food supply by inspection of the infection in the abnormal crop


Maintain the growth and production of plants


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