Mushroom Picker In Canada

Mushroom Picker In Canada

Job Opening In Canada field in the Agriculture secure. If you have agriculture as well as farmworker skills. You can do more working in this sector. If you can do in farmworker or mushroom picker/ packer. Submit your doc, education document to another passport document.

Job Description 

The farmworker company is looking at a mushroom picker or packer. If you want mushroom picker permanent or full time you could be their candidates of Truong Holding Inc. More facility provided and benefits. The job is as soon as possible for you. The demand for position 1000+ Numbers workers. Weekly duration of working in 32 to 40 hours working in Farmhouse.

Per Week Hour Work Duration.

Maximum 40 Hours
Minimum 30 Hour.

Working Time

Morning, Early Morning. day And Overtime

Education: No Degree Diploma or No Required
Language: English
Experience: No Required
Location: British Columbia Area

Include Job Duties & Responsibilities;

Mushroom Picker In Canada

  • Considerations of food safety and quality to be addressed immediately with either a Farm Supervisor and/or Farm Supervisor.
  • Pick mushrooms, following the right method, choosing the right size, and putting them within the correct containers. choosing from the ground level and a tram.
  • You will be chargeable for food safety considerations. All GMP’s should be followed in the slightest degree times.
  • Harvesting mushrooms.
  • Remove roots with a knife
  • Sort mushrooms for size and quality
  • Package, weigh and grade mushrooms
  • Select that mushrooms to reap and which to depart growing to maximise size, quality, and output.

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Job Qualification & Requirement;

  • Able to work quickly and expeditiously.
  • Gentle hands therefore as to not bruise mushrooms.
  • Able to use Lorries/man lifts to reap mushrooms in high trays (approx)
  • Capable of climbing, growing and reaching bending standing and crouching.
  • Previous experience in fruit collection as well as a plus with crops.
  • Capable to raise 23( twenty-three )kilograms (50 lbs)
  • Responsibility activity
  • Safety Gloves made from steel, gloves
  • Capacity to operate in environments which are cold.
  • No concept of our own
  • Virtual transport to be included
  • Capable of working weekends and overtime
  • Individual qualification
  • Effective economic skills; flexibility workers, values morals, responsibility
  • Capacity to adapt to quick environments; repetitive activities, handling extreme loads, physically tightness, deftness, hand-eye coordination; ability to distinguish among colours and sizes; long-term standing;

Job Type: Full Time Or Part Time & Overtime
Organize Name: Truong Hondings Inc.

How to apply Mushroom Picker In Canada

-Education Document
-Resume or Bio Data
-Copy of Passport Document
-Doc or PDF File Send us.

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