Serving guests for 3 years in hotel.

Dear Mam,

I’m Galacia A. Selitorio from Philippines, 26, single with good health and good moral

character.An interested applicant for the vacant position offered. My references attached

herewith can tell you that I am efficient and organized; a helpful person with a strong dignity

towards work. And willing to live and work overseas.

You will find out that I am a rapid learner with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm

in all my endeavors. I wish I would

be able to impart my skills and to gain additional

knowledge. Furthermore, I am very willing to undergo training to further improve my


With highest hopes, I remain positive that this application be given sound consideration.

Please see my resume for additional information.

I can be reached anytime through email or through phone,

+639958151407/ 032(564-2757).

Thank you so much and have a nice day ahead.

Very respectfully yours,

Galacia A. Selitorio

Last Resume Update November 11, 2020
Address Anywhere, Canada
Phone Number +639958151407

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