Exceptional ability to replace old electrical system wiring

Without any damage (contactors, relays, timers, breakers, etc…)


Extensive knowledge of electrical systems including preparation, added extras and modifications on minor circuits


Switchboard installation (main switchboard up to 3000A, distribution switchboard, motor control centre, construction switchboard, PLC/BMS switchboard)


Installed and maintained micro switches in electrical machinery (CNC and Lathe   machine)

Working in AC/DC drives (GEMCO, SIEMENS, ABB, Etc....)


Installation, connections, and calibration of major instruments

Like HMD, Pyrometers, Pressure transmitters, weighing device, encoders, temperature transmitter, RTD’s, thermocouples, level transmitter, flow switches and servo valves

Last Resume Update July 22, 2020
Address ahmadi, Kuwait
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