Experienced farm worker and graphic designer

I have a real interest in the position of Farm Worker  and I have the experience and skills needed to be the best person for this job.

I have three years of experience working on a farm where I learned how to use a variety of farm equipment such as plows, tractors, spraying equipment, chain saws and milking machines. I am mechanically inclined with the ability to perform general maintenance on the equipment to help keep them in good working condition. This helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment, which in turn will save you money.

My experience also includes planting and harvesting crops. I am familiar with the ideal planting times for the different types of crops and I am very familiar with irrigating systems. I have the ability to inspect the systems and to perform general maintenance to keep them working efficiently. I also have experience mixing fertilizers and preparing insecticide solutions to help yield more crops.

I have some experience working and caring for livestock and my duties included cleaning stalls, feeding and checking the health of the animals. I am physically fit and able to handle the duties associated with this job and to work long hours in all types of weather. I have excellent verbal and written skills with the ability to follow instructions and I am dependable, trustworthy and self motivated.

You can reach me for an interview via the quoted email address.


Kamorudeen Afolabi

Last Resume Update November 18, 2020
Address IBADAN, Nigeria
E-mail afolabikamorudeen20@gmail.com
Phone Number +2348057993698

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