Hardworking Strong work ethics, motivated, result oriented.

Good day!

I'am Pilar Danica Sandigan, 28 years Married from Pasig City Philippines. In my past 10 years working in different field, I can say that i have already experienced up's and downs and so many challenges, failures,success during my journey, But this thing did not change me, in fact all those negative thing happen to me is   just a memories  that i had to keep and  a lesson as well. memories that helped me a lot to established my fashion in working, I manage to embrace positive mood on every difficulties during my duty and i make sure that i able to finished my job on time with a good mark to the company. I may not be a successful as someone else out there who achieved a lot of things in this world than mine, I can say that I'am a successful person because i have a lot of loving people that supports me in every steps of my journey, and it's  them who gave me strength to become more responsible, focused and determined to achieved all my goals in life, and one of my goal is to visit your country in Canada, but since I'am incapable to travel to your country because of the financial issue. I choose to apply for a job that will help me earn big salary and enjoy your place at the same time. 

I'am very excited and looking forward for my future in Canada.

Thank you very much,

Pilar Danica Sandigan.

Last Resume Update October 25, 2020
Address Pasig City, Philippines
E-mail daneecah24@gmail.com
Phone Number +639776857893

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