Skills To Put On A Resume For Catering

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If you are a caterer and willing to apply in a catering industry then we are here with the article for helping you to create an ideal resume. This article will help you to know about the skills to put on a resume for catering.

Skill is the ability or potentiality needed to execute complex activities or job functions involving ideas, things or people. It refers to natural talent and the capacity you develop for performing a job or task. Skills are what makes you feel confident and independent in life which is also essential for success.

With the huge determination and practice, almost any skills can be improved and learned. There are various key types of skills such as soft skills, hard skills, domain-general skills and domain-specific skills. It can help you succeed in all aspects of your life. Hence, it is necessary to put these skills in your resume.

What is a catering resume?

 A resume reflects the first impression of a candidate towards the hiring manager. It includes all the personal details about a candidate. With the study or experiment of the resume received a hiring manager decides whether the applicant is potential for the required job or not.

Creating a good resume is a complex task. It is fruitful to maintain a resume which is short and sweet in length. A catering resume should include sufficient quality details about the applicant so that good impression could be drawn as we know that “The first impression is the last impression”. It plays a significant role as it is the first thing that provides almost 80% of the applicant’s information to the hiring manager.

Catering refers to the business of serving food service for a large number of people, social events or other gatherings. It represents the trade of delivering foods and beverages to various sites such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, weddings, parties, etc.

Catering provides overall all the services required for an event. It includes transportation, cooking food, planning menus, table and sitting arrangements, managing required utensils and other equipment.

A catering resume is a document highlighting the person’s experience, skills and education in the catering field. It shows the overall catering knowledge of a candidate as well as his personal details. 

 When reviewing your documents, the recruiter will hold a particular interest in the skills you possess. Hence, listing truly possessed and relevant skills attract the recruiter’s attraction. You can find endless skills that can be put on your resume for catering but it’s necessary to decide which one is more effective and suitable for the related job.

What are the skills to put on a resume for catering?

So, if you are thinking and could not decide which skills to put on a resume for catering, we are here with the top skills.

Here are some of the key skills that could help you:-

Catering Experience

Experience is the knowledge or skill acquired by a person in a period of time. More involvement in the related field results in more knowledge and experience. It is certain to have experience for running the operation smoothly and speedily. It is also a key factor that lets the hiring manager select you as per your knowledge or the information achieved in past years. 


Guest Service

Guests are the major source of income for hospitality industries. Handling and welcoming guests in a professional manner can enhance the company’s service standard. A good caterer should have the ability to provide excellent guest service skills with the aim of creating a comfortable environment. There should be strong communication skills including listening skills for satisfying the requirements of the guests. This skill is also important to put in a resume for catering.


Event Planning

Event planning includes the preparation and supplying of a large amount of food, creating menu and pricing, handling special requests, setting tables, ensuring proper hygiene, etc. A good caterer should provide standard service with strong teamwork, monitor and maintain the overall operation of the event. Their duties include food preparation and storage skills, teamwork and a good sense of taste and smell.

Time Management

As we are well aware that “Time and tides wait for no one” a caterer should be more careful regarding the time management. This skill allows you to complete tasks and projects before deadlines and also help to maintain a work-life balance. Being up to date and staying organized with your projects can lead your company to achieve its goal.


It is about people welcoming other people into the place where they work or spend their time. A caterer should diplomatically handle guests’ problems and always be polite and courteous with the guests. As you are the service provider, it is required to make an effort to fulfil the demands and requirements of the guests. Guests should always feel a friendly environment and enjoy the service with satisfaction. A homely environment needs to be created as the guests head to us for relaxing and spending their free time with joy and happiness.



Catering service also includes serving drinks or beverages to the guests. A caterer should have proper knowledge about the standard drinks and alcohol brand name. Various cocktails and mocktails including branded drinks and wines should be well known by the service provider. 


Personal hygiene and food safety

Health is the greatest wealth of all being. Hence, it is a precious matter for every service provider. The utensils and equipment used for decoration and preparation of food need to get sanitized with super strength detergents and sanitizers. A caterer should have the capability to provide safe and hygienic foods and equipment so that food poisoning bacteria can be reduced following regular cleaning practices. Moreover, personal hygiene and proper uniform of all the employees is also mandatory.


Food presentation and handling

In order to provide standard service to the guests, a caterer should be expertise to present all the national and international food or dishes. He should be well known with the food recipes and its name. He should also have the strength to cope with the guests’ demands too. Affordable pricing and various menus with good taste and smell can attract the flow of guests. Chef’s special can be made on special request for special events following proper sanitation and food handling procedures.


Multitasking Abilities

Involvement of oneself in various tasks at a short period of time refers to multitasking. The high priority task needs to be done prior to full concentration and attention. A caterer should possess this skill so that every project can be accomplished in a given period of time. This skill denotes the ability of the applicant to face multi-tasks in less time with their energy efficiency.


Marketing Skills

Nowadays, the world has become the victim of internet and communication. Communication is the fastest means through which one can generate the required information. In today’s world without marketing skills, no business can survive. As every business aims to earn a profit this skill is needed for a caterer for their business advertisement. Marketing can be done through a traditional method or online marketing method. According to Steve Jobs or Seth Godin,” Marketing is about wearing many hats and there is more to it than just selling.” Companies need to stay in step with the latest trends and should produce the products trending in the market.


Financial skills 

Finance relates to money. A businessman can’t operate his business without any financial support. Without proper accounting management and cost control, a caterer is unable to learn about his company’s profit and loss. This skill is required for making reliable business decisions and maintaining the financial stability within the business. It helps a caterer to manage the money effectively and deal with the crisis that occurred.


Ability to develop a solid relationship

A positive attitude plays a vital role in maintaining good relationships with customers. Customers prefer the place or service where they are treated well and welcomed warmly. Even a small interaction can lead to a solid relationship. So, devoting some more time in relation-building can assist a business closer to its objectives. A caterer should win the heart of every client he meets with his jolly and positive attitude. This skill also helps to enhance the social relation of a caterer.


Ability to work under pressure

This skill deals with the potentiality to solve every huge or small problem that is faced during the operation. A caterer should always stay calm and positive in every difficult situation. Working under stressful situations needs skilful and careful planning. Even though the day is stressful server should always complete his responsibilities and work as efficiently as possible.



Finally,  we can say that skills are the knowledge within a person which can be enhanced through determination and continuous practices. It expands with the constant learning which can help you succeed in life. A person having skills never lives a worthless life but becomes more productive in whatever he plan to perform. You can upgrade your skills through various pieces of training and support of your mentor and can invent a new skill that you never knew you already consist within yourself. An applicant needs to flourish his skills as per his interest as these skills are the key factors that will make him more confident and provides strength to work under different circumstances.

We hope going through this article you will be clear about what skills to put in a resume for catering.

How can we format a Catering Manager Resume?

Jennifer Swift





Professional Summary

Experienced catering manager with more than 3 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Proven ability to provide excellent guest service and accomplished more than two events per day.  Self-dedicated and motivated towards the job and assure to secure a position in a reputed company where my skills and experience can be fully utilized. If you really want to resume building of  Catering visit here.



  • 3 years of hotel service experience
  • Great leadership skills
  • Time management skills
  • Excellent guest service
  • Strong communication skills
  • Prompt decisions
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Personality development


Work Experience

Catering Manager

Landmark Premier Hotel, Abu Dhabi, Dubai

November 2018-present


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Administered all catering functions from menu listing to implementation
  • Monitored and handled all customer’s issues
  • Coordinated with all departments and staff members
  • Trained and encouraged all staffs to compete effectively
  • Participated in meetings for event management and prepared plans
  • Hired and selected staffs for the service department


Catering Manager

Chairmen Hotel Doha, Doha, Qatar

September 2016-October 2018

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Delivered sufficient food and drinks for every event
  • Managed special musicians and bands as per the guest request
  • Coordinated with the marketing team for business activities
  • Executed every event with zero guest complaints
  • Maintained special food hygiene and safety



Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality

Institute of Hotel Management, Delhi, India

A catering manager resume format should be made in a reverse chronological format so that the resume shows your recent job at the very top. This will help the recruiter to know about your current job and position since they don’t take more time to review the resume of a candidate. You need to format the resume starting from the present job to the previous one.

Resume of Entry-Level Catering Manager

On the other hand, if you don’t have any experience as a catering manager and want to grow yourself as a catering manager then you can follow the following tips.

The first thing you need to do is you need to create the resume in a functional format. You need to place your work experience in the middle and arrange the sections of your format as follows:-

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Summary
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Personal Information

Since you don’t have any experience you need to use the resume objective to share your story on why you want to change your career so that the recruiter will understand the shortcomings of your resume.

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