Work Visa In Canada For US Citizen

Americans are a privileged bunch. They have greater access to more sections of the world than most people. However, as an American, you can’t just walk across the Canadian border, especially if you wish to work in the country. Like most immigrants, there are documents that you must acquire and requirements that you must meet before they grant you entry. Work Visa In Canada For US Citizen

That being said, a work visa in Canada for US citizens is much easier to acquire. People from most other countries are expected to jump through quite a number of hoops. Americans have it easy. If you are looking to secure employment in the country, this is what you should know:

Work Visa In Canada For US Citizen

1). To work in Canada, you need a work permit, even if you have US citizenship. However, there are professions in Canada that Americans can pursue even if they lack the relevant visa. For instance, athletes don’t need work permits. The same goes for emergency medical staff and judges. Canada’s immigration site has a list of all the jobs you can do without a work permit. It also reveals the jobs that require work permits.

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Look through both lists. Figure out where you fall before you waste time applying for a visa you don’t even need.

2). As was mentioned above, while a work visa in Canada for US citizens is mandatory, the process of getting one is easy compared to what people from other countries encounter. You are simply expected to provide information relating to your personal and employment background.

3). The level of resistance you will encounter in your effort to get a work visa will depend on the region from where you have submitted your application. You can apply for a work permit from the US and from inside Canada. In most cases, it only takes two months to process a US citizen’s application. If it takes longer than that, you are encouraged to engage immigration officials.

4). To increase your chances of securing a work permit, you need to acquire and present a job offer from an employer in Canada. It is also imperative that you present documentation proving that you have the skills and educational background required to fulfil the obligations of the job that has been offered to you.

5). Americans can choose to apply for a work permit through the skilled worker program. But those who qualify for this program must have held full-time employment for at least one year in a particular field. Candidates must also compete in a point system that scores their attributes and assigns them a rank based on factors like their age and language proficiency.

Work Visa In Canada For US Citizen

NAFTA has definitely made immigration easier for Americans. The agreement allows Americans to qualify for a NAFTA work permit which, in turn, simplifies their immigration into Canada. The cost of securing a work visa through NAFTA is lower. Work Visa In Canada For US Citizen

However, as with an ordinary work visa in Canada for US citizens, a NAFTA permit requires a candidate to have a job offer from a Canadian employer. And, as you might expect, all applicants must be legitimate citizens of the United States. Though, it is worth mentioning that the NAFTA agreement also benefits people from Mexico.

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